Sexual Offences

We understand that being accused of a sexual offence is particularly traumatic for the individual and their family. We have in depth experience of dealing with all types of sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault, and “historic” allegations of child abuse, and will handle your case with sensitivity and diligence, regardless of the nature of the charge.

Our specialist sexual offences solicitors believe that everyone deserves the right to high-quality legal advice. That’s why we’re one of the few leading criminal law firms to offer both legal aid and private funding options.

If you’re convicted of a sexual offence you could face a long prison sentence and considerable damage to your personal life. It’s therefore essential to consult a criminal law solicitor as soon as possible to advise you of your rights and start building your defence case.

Many of our clients have never had any experience with the criminal justice system and are daunted by the prospect of losing their reputation, family, friends, and livelihood in one swoop. We deeply sympathise with the challenges you are facing and are ready to devote our time to fighting for your liberty and minimising any damage to your personal life.

If you’ve been arrested under suspicion of a sexual offence or you’ve been invited for a voluntary police interview under caution, it’s absolutely crucial that you do not answer any questions until you’ve received legal advice as anything you say can be used as evidence against you.

You have a right to legal advice while at the police station, so get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors as soon as possible.

Our significant experience dealing with sexual offences cases means we have a high success rate at getting our clients released without charge or acquitted at trial.

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Our sexual offence solicitors’ expertise

Our sexual offence solicitors have years of expertise advising and representing clients facing sexual offences allegations at the police station, during investigation, and at the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, and Youth Court.

We can help whatever the allegation, and our experience includes:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Assault by penetration
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Historic child sexual abuse
  • Making, possessing, or distributing indecent images of children
  • Other child sex offences
  • Sex offences involving abuse of a position of trust
  • Causing, inciting or controlling prostitution for gain
  • Grooming
  • Trafficking for sexual exploitation
  • Upskirting
  • Revenge porn and other pornography offences

Defending sexual offence allegations is a specialist skill involving the careful investigation of the evidence and challenging its credibility wherever feasible. We will always ensure that all the evidence is made available to us so every possible avenue of defence is explored, giving you the best chance to achieving a positive outcome to your case.

Why choose Edward Fail Bradshaw & Waterson’s sexual offence lawyers?

Our criminal defence solicitors specialise in providing clear, practical, and realistic advice to clients facing criminal investigations and charges. We keep our clients’ needs at the centre of everything we do, tailoring our advice appropriately to keep any disruption to your life to an absolute minimum.

We are ranked in the top tier of criminal law firms in London and the UK by Chambers and Partners, an organisation which highlight law firms and individuals as leaders within the legal profession.

Our team includes duty solicitors qualified in Police Station Representation and Higher Rights Advocates, meaning we can provide advice and representation across all stages of the criminal justice system, including at police interviews and at all court levels.

As a firm we are accredited by the Law Society in Criminal Litigation, recognising our expertise and high level of knowledge across all areas of criminal law.

Funding your case

Access to justice for all is one of our core values. As such, we are one of the few leading criminal law firms to offer both private and legal aid funding options.

We aim to be clear about legal fees from the outset, so get in touch to discuss your potential eligibility for criminal legal aid or other funding options, such as fixed fee packages.

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For further advice, please get in touch by calling 020 7790 4032 (for out of hours, please call 07841 454 170) or by emailing


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