Protest Law and Public Order Offences Notable Cases

R v ES

The client was initially arrested for attempted murder during a family dispute. The crown took a plea to violent disorder.

R v CW

Our client was accused of ABH on a police officer after biting an officer who was restraining him on the floor.  The jury accepted that the officer was restraining him by putting his arm across our client’s mouth and so he had no choice but to bite the officer, so as to allow him to be able to breathe.

R v CW

Acquittal of defendant who bit a police officer.  Defence of “necessity” successfully run.

R v AR

Secured suspended sentence for “French Spiderman” who scaled the Heron Tower.

R v JL

Successful submission that police not acting in execution of their duty during unlawful stop and search leading to acquittal of defendant.

R v HM

Acquittal of defendant accused of assaulting a prison officer during a large-scale disturbance in HMP Pentonville. 

R v DM

Prosecution discontinue case after legal argument submitted arguing that police acted unlawfully in issuing defendant with community protection notice.

R v TH and SM

Two defendants found not guilty of violent disorder after a 9-day trial during an anti-gentrification protest in Camden Town.

R v IA and others

5-day trial where it was found that arms fair protesters were justified in obstructing highway due to prevention of war crimes and illegal weaponry sales.

R v DS

Acquittal of male accused of large-scale criminal damage during anti – gentrification protests in Brixton.

R v TF

Acquittal of male accused of eight counts including violent disorder after being identified by police as being part of the “London Riots” August 2011.


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