GBH and Assault Notable Cases

R v C and others

We represented the first defendant in this case of serial violence, including petrol-bomb attacks, between rival gangs in the Brixton area. The juvenile defendant was acquitted, case centred on rap lyrics written by the accused said to form confession evidence on his part.

R v OC

S.18 Grievous Bodily Harm with intent. The defence was one of self-defence. The complainant was in a coma for 8 weeks and underwent a 6-month rehabilitation programme. The case involved complex issues of causation (and numerous experts) in that the injured party had suffered a head injury earlier on in the same evening. The amount of blows was in dispute, as was the actual cause of the brain injury was caused. The defendant was unanimously acquitted following trial in less than an hour.

R v J

Defendant was charged with attempted murder and GBH for firing into a busy hairdressers, wounding a bystander.

R v RB and TB

S.18 Grievous Bodily Harm.

R v LB

Our client was on trial for administering fake Botox after holding themselves out as trained and authorised.

R v MZ

Joint enterprise s18 stabbing resulting in the Prosecution offering no evidence against our client on the morning of trial.

R v CW

Our client was accused of ABH on a police officer after biting an officer who was restraining him on the floor.  The jury accepted that the officer was restraining him by putting his arm across our client’s mouth and so he had no choice but to bite the officer, so as to allow him to be able to breathe.

R v CT

Represented a member of a popular girl band accused of assaulting a toilet attendant.


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