Funding Insurance

You may be able to instruct Edward Fail Bradshaw and Waterson to defend you if you are one of the many people with legal expenses insurance. You may have cover as part of your motor insurance, home insurance, professional indemnity insurance or various other forms of insurance.

If you are facing investigation, disciplinary proceedings or criminal proceedings you should check whether you have any policies which may cover the cost of your legal representation.

Edward Fail Bradshaw and Waterson solicitors have successfully defended clients who have funded their case through legal expenses insurance.

Legal expenses insurance provides the policyholder with cover for the cost of legal representation in certain legal matters, such as criminal investigations, criminal proceedings or in disciplinary proceedings before a governing body.

Legal expenses cover is usually an add-on to an existing policy or part of an employment package or included in professional indemnity insurance.

Panel Solicitors

When faced with an allegation of criminal or professional misconduct, you may be under the impression that you are required to be represented by the solicitors firm appointed by the insurers known as panel solicitors.

You are not required to stick with the solicitors appointed by the insurers and you have a right to be represented by the solicitors of your choice. Some insurers may try to prevent you from exercising your right to instruct your own solicitor as it is likely that the solicitors they recommend have cost effective relationship with the insurer.

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