Murder and Manslaughter Notable Cases

R v MS and others

Six handed double murder involving a gunfight outside a London club. Violence spilled out into the street resulting in a running battle in which one man died at the scene and another shortly afterwards. One co-defendant was charged with MS’s attempted murder having shot him several times, and others with perverting the course of justice.

R v BT

Highly publicised murder of a young father shot four times in broad daylight close to his home in East London.

R v PB and others

Hackney gang murder which featured in Graeme McLagan’s book 'Guns and Gangs: Inside Black Gun Crime.

R v J

9-handed murder trial in which our client was first on the indictment and confessed to police that he was present, implicating others in a ‘cut throat’ defence.

R v RC

21-year-old female charged with the attempted murder of a Labour MP at his surgery in East London. The defendant refused to recognise the jurisdiction of the court in this highly-publicized case.

R v AD and others

Murder of our client’s paralysed brother’s full time carer with a Mach 10 machine gun, caught on CCTV outside a nightclub in East London.

R v N and another

Attempted murder in which the victim was shot at point blank range in the head outside a McDonalds in East London.

R v H and H

Identical twins charged with murder of a neighbour by beating, attacking him with a knife and setting fire to the body.

R v F

Attempted murder in which our client, a 60 year old female of good character, stabbed her husband’s lover 18 times in a Cambridge Halls of Residence, blinding the victim in one eye. Our client was acquitted of attempted murder and GBH with intent.

R v N and others

The contract killing of Metropolitan Police Special Constable Nisha Patel-Nasri. Our client was the only defendant of four to be acquitted.

R v AE

Attempted murder involving a car chase and shootings through the East End of London.

R v DB

High profile 11-handed murder trial at The Old Bailey, which was one the largest murder trials to ever take place. The Judge ordered the jury to find all 11 defendants not guilty of murder. Our client was sentenced for GBH.

R v DC

Our client was acquitted of a high-profile multi handed murder case in which the victim was stabbed to death at a park in Dagenham.

R v CS

Our client was found not guilty of a murder outside Wandsworth prison murder (shooting). This was a joint enterprise case where it was alleged our client, an inmate, passed on information leading to the murder.

R v LC and GC

We represented two brothers accused of murder. Both were acquitted after running a defence suggesting the wounds were self-inflicted.

R v JK

The Defendant was charged with murder following a drive-by shooting. The evidence against our client was the use of tracking device on a car, coupled with phone evidence, leading to defence calling an expert.

R v AM

Assisting an offender in a murder in which it was alleged that a father assisted his son following a murder.

R v YW

"The Spy Case" where the Defendant was tried for murder in secret due to state security. The appeal at the Court of Appeal was the Lord Chief Justice's final case. The case was the subject of the book, "Blood on the Page" by Thomas Hardy.

R v B and others

Cold Case review of a murder in 2001 where four defendants were charged with conspiracy to murder. We represented three of the four Defendants.

R v TH

Highly publicized murder of a celebrity bodyguard in which our client was found not guilty after a six week trial at the Old Bailey.

R v RL

Murder trial in which it was initially believed the person died of hypothermia, however it subsequently transpired he died from a blunt force trauma.

R v J

Defendant was charged with attempted murder and GBH for firing into a busy hairdressers, wounding a bystander.


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