About Edward Fail Bradshaw & Waterson

We are a highly regarded criminal law firm dedicated to defending your rights, whatever the charge or allegation.

Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson has a first-class reputation as a specialist criminal defence firm. We are consistently  highly ranked in London and the UK by Chambers & Partners and Legal 500  being one of the few leading criminal law firms to offer both legal aid and private funding options.Our team of committed and approachable lawyers offers expert advice and representation at every stage of the criminal investigation and trial process. We regularly act in cases ranging from murder, terrorism, fraud, drug trafficking, sexual offences and assault, through to road traffic and regulatory matters.  

We’ve represented clients in the East End of London and beyond since 1887, when Charles Bradshaw opened our first office on East India Dock Road, and we’re proud to retain strong links with our community.

We understand that being accused of a criminal offence can be an intensely stressful and upsetting experience for the individual concerned and their family. Our team approaches all cases with the same level of professionalism and efficiency and specifically tailoring our service to the needs of each individual client.

We make your liberty our greatest priority. We will defend your case with robust determination, using the highest level of expertise in order to achieve the best results possible.

If you would like advice or a competitive fee quote from our criminal defence team, please get in touch by calling 0207 790 4032 or emailing main@efbw.co.uk. For out-of-hours support, please call our 24/7 emergency police station advice line on 07841 454 170.

We have two offices, one in East London and one in the City, and we can also attend police stations across London (and the UK in some serious cases) to advise and support you.

Why choose our criminal defence solicitors?

Here are just some of the reasons why we are the right criminal law solicitors for you:

  • We are highly ranked by official law firm ranking organisation, Chambers and Partners and Legal 500
  • We believe that everyone has the same right to high quality legal advice and representation. We ensure that our service is accessible for all, and we are known for the high standard of all of our work, whether funded privately or by legal aid.
  • Our team includes trained duty solicitors qualified in the Police Station Accreditation Scheme and Higher Rights Advocates, allowing us to support you through every stage of the criminal justice system, from the moment you are accused of an offence to trial and appeal.
  • We have close links with experts and specialist counsel adding further depth to our ability to assist clients in complex, serious, and high profile criminal cases at any court level.
  • Our approach is client-centred. We have over 100 years’ combined experience and have secured successful outcomes to criminal investigations and prosecutions for over a century. We attribute our success, not simply to our knowledge of the law, but also to our ability to adapt to our client’s needs, tailoring our advice and defence strategy to help them achieve the best result possible.
  • In fact, we’ve been awarded the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation for our skills.

Get in touch with our expert criminal defence solicitors in London

If you need expert criminal defence advice and representation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 0207 790 4032, emailing main@efbw.co.uk, or filling in our enquiry form.

We also have a 24/7, 365 days a year police station advice line which you can contact by calling 07841 454 170.


Legal 500 2024

Edward Fail is a firm that has a clear, strong reputation for high profile, complex and challenging criminal defence. They have a strong team system, in which solicitors support each other and clients can expect continuity of representation. They can be relied upon for excellent representation at all levels of criminal defence, but can be most confident with the most complex and difficult.

Kirsty Bishop is a partner and solicitor respected in the field. I have referred matters to her, knowing that she will respond immediately, offering the client reassurance. She will give the same attention to detail and commitment whether private or legal aid – and this makes Edward Fail and Kirsty Bishop different from other similar firms.

The level of contact they offered was fantastic – there was constant support and gave us confidence that the case was being handled with care.

Natalie Berman was diligent and meticulous, helping us explore every avenue.

Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson are unique for their unfailing dedication to their clients. This is demonstrated by their hugely impressive speed of response, dedication to getting to the absolute detail of their cases, big and small, combined with an incredible knowledge of law, practice and procedure.’

Edward Fail have always been the firm that sets the example. They are always committed, always on top of their work, and always better than their competition. Briefs are prepared properly, thoroughly and skilfully. It is always much easier when they are the instructing solicitors.’

Edward Preston is the stand-out defence solicitor in London and has been for many years. His commitment to the highest standard of service remains undimmed. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, allied with a preternatural sense of strategy.

‘The firm is well known in London with extensive working relationship with other legal personnel and law enforcement bodies.’

Legal 500 2023

Natalie Berman has been ranked as a Leading individual  and regarded as ‘one of the shining lights in this profession"

There was also praise and recommendation for individuals by way of testimonials as well as the team as a whole, which is what makes us who we are:

Natalie Berman is outstanding. She combines huge knowledge of procedure and the law with common sense advice, empathy and an incredible work ethic.’

Edward Preston- simply the best. He would be the criminal solicitor’s solicitor of choice.’

Kirsty Bishop is phenomenally responsive and absolutely committed to doing everything she can for her clients.’

‘The entire team at EFBW are committed, unfailingly hard-working and knowledgeable. They care about every case and never cut corners.’

‘I am struck by the work of Paul Harris and Kirsty Bishop particularly. Paul has led high-profile cases this year demonstrating tenacity and an innovative legal approach. Kirsty’s reputation is in general crime and financial crime. She astounds with her incredible client care. Once she takes on a case the client can be thoroughly reassured by her that there will be 100% commitment to their case. This is something remarked upon by the clients and by other professionals within our field.’

‘What makes this practice unique is the atmosphere of the firm. This crime-only practice has a stunning reputation for client care and innovative approach to cases.’

Natalie Berman is one of the shining lights in this profession. Nobody works harder or cares more than her.’

Legal 500 2022

"i have worked extensively with Paul Harris, Kirsty Bishop and Natalie Berman. All three are incredibly hard working, highly knowledgeable and very client focused, all prepared to go the extra mile in their client’s defence. All three are a pleasure to deal with."

"Paul Harris is an incredibly well respected and experienced criminal litigator. He is hardworking, thorough and gives accurate, realistic advice.’"

‘Edward Preston is probably the most experienced criminal defence solicitor in the country. He remains as dedicated today as he was 40 years ago. A colossus who embodies the ethos of that firm.’

‘Shila Keshvari as continued to develop a busy and successful practice and maintain her reputation for tactical awareness and 24/7 commitment to her clients. She gains the confidence of her clients in the most trying situations.’

‘Kirsty Bishop is one of the most diligent lawyers I work with. She is constantly working on her cases and always secures the best possible result.’

‘Natalie Berman is streets ahead of her competitors. Having been a barrister she knows the other side of the coin. Her unrivalled dedication to her cases and clients is nothing short of phenomenal. Natalie is a machine when it comes to her efficiency, she is extremely bright and hardworking and provides a first-class service across the board.’


Chambers and Partners 2022

According to one interviewee, "every case with Edward Fail is properly prepared and they are always pushing their counsel to make sure they've got the absolute best results for their clients."

"They are among the finest defence lawyers you will meet and there is not a weak link in the team," sources say.

Another praises the firm for its "commitment to the sector and the standards it maintains" and adds: "The lawyers all demand the same enthusiasm and commitment from anyone they brief and it all shows in the results they secure."

"Paul  Harris is a fantastic all-round solicitor dealing with very heavyweight cases. He has wonderful insight and a fantastic rapport with all his clients." One source said "He has dealt with my matter with great professionalism, sensitivity and care throughout."

"Shila Keshvari clients adore her and she really gets results."

"Natalie  Berman is an effective criminal solicitor who is very committed to her clients and understands cases inside out. She is a future star." One source states "She never stops working and is equally adept in the courtroom as she is at preparing and litigating cases."

Additionally "She has been tough, knowledgeable and relentless yet also human and professional."

"Edward Preston is a blue blood of criminal litigation and few can match his brilliance as a lawyer." "He is a superb solicitor."


The Legal 500 2020

“Led by Edward Preston, who is ‘a master of criminal defence’, and Paul Harris (‘the driving force of the firm’), Edward Fail Bradshaw & Waterson provides defence work of ‘the highest quality’. Despite legal aid cuts, the firm continued to expand, and saw an increase in youth court work."

'Natalie Berman works tirelessly to secure the best outcomes for her clients'.

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