Drug Offences Notable Cases

R v SF and others

A large conspiracy to supply 40kg cocaine and over a 1,000,000 tablets of ecstasy. At the time it was considered to be the largest single seizure of ecstasy in the UK. The Defendant was on day release from prison during the period when he was the subject of directed and intrusive surveillance lasting for nearly six months.

R v RP and others

Substantial conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine amounting to a cutting and wholesale distribution warehouse operated from a suburban family home, servicing retail suppliers using a network of couriers. Eight Defendants were charged after a three month round-the-lock surveillance operation during which a shooting took place.

R v DC and others

Seizure of 20kg of heroin worth in excess of £1,000,000 which had been tracked into the UK from Eastern Europe. The background involved the making of a film dealing with the cycle of criminality around guns and drugs and a close associate of the Defendant had been killed at the outset of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency operation.

R v M and others

We successfully represented the first defendant in this case where both of the other defendants led ‘cut-throat’ defences, blaming our client for both the firearms and drugs charges. This included complex bad character and hearsay arguments. Despite facing a cut-throat, observation, data and cell-site evidence the defendant was found not guilty.

R v F and others

Trial concerning alleged conspiracy to supply vast quantity of chemicals and cutting agents to drugs dealers across the UK. The defendant was said to be a regional supplier of chemicals used to extract cocaine from clothing, plastics and other items. He was charged with 4 counts under the Serious Crime Act 2006.

R v OM

Conspiracy to supply class A drugs, firearms and ammunition, following an undercover operation.

R v JRH & MT

Represented two Columbian defendants accused of running a drugs cartel involved in running a £1bn cocaine network. They were prosecuted following a lengthy investigation by the national crime squad and involving two undercover operations and over 30 defendants.


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