Firearms and Weapons Notable Cases

R v JG

Shooting outside of a busy nightclub.

R v R and others

Defendant acquitted of Possession of firearms with intent to endanger life (including a Tech 9 machine gun), Threats to kill and Conspiracy to blackmail following a complex, multi-agency 2-year operation led by the Specialist Crime Directorate.

R v D and others

The blackmail of QPR Football Club Chairman, in which it was alleged that the Defendant sought to force the victim to relinquish his shares in QPR by force, including the use of firearms.

R v S and others

Our client was acquitted in a multi-handed Old Bailey trial for Conspiracy to supply prohibited firearms. The Crown had alleged him to be the prime mover in this operation sourcing firearms for street gangs in Hackney.

R v W

Client acquitted of possession of a firearm when eye witnesses state they saw him shoot at people down a street.

R v MA

Multi handed importation of firearms and ammunition involving lengthy surveillance in the UK and abroad.

R v LC

The Defendant was charged with conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to blackmail, robbery and possession of an imitation firearm. It was alleged that the complainant was kidnapped by two men impersonating police officers.  The case entirely focused on cell site evidence and movement of phone evidence.

R v M and others

We successfully represented the first defendant in this case where both of the other defendants led ‘cut-throat’ defences, blaming our client for both the firearms and drugs charges. This included complex bad character and hearsay arguments. Despite facing a cut-throat, observation, data and cell-site evidence the defendant was found not guilty.

R v OM

Conspiracy to supply class A drugs, firearms and ammunition, following an undercover operation.

R v W and H

Armed Robbery case, which was stayed on grounds of abuse of process after numerous officers from the Flying Squad, Rigg Approach were suspended or prosecuted for corruption. Features in the book ‘Bent Coppers’ by Graeme McLagan.


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