Robbery, Burglary and Theft Notable Cases

R v W and H

Armed Robbery case, which was stayed on grounds of abuse of process after numerous officers from the Flying Squad, Rigg Approach were suspended or prosecuted for corruption. Features in the book ‘Bent Coppers’ by Graeme McLagan.

R v WC

Our client was one of four accused of a high end conspiracy to burgle a motor cycle shop, acquitted.

R v JW

Theft from hospitals leading to burglaries nationally.

R v MC

Multiple non-dwelling burglaries at Westfield Shopping Centre.

R v JM

Burglary during the London Riots.

R v MC

Armed robbery of bookmakers.

R v B

Multiple armed robberies on post offices and travel agencies, involving a complex legal submission of fitness to plead.

R v LC

The Defendant was charged with conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to blackmail, robbery and possession of an imitation firearm. It was alleged that the complainant was kidnapped by two men impersonating police officers.  The case entirely focused on cell site evidence and movement of phone evidence.

R v CM

Conspiracy to handle matter linked to the Hatton Garden Heist.


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