Murder and Manslaughter

Homicide offences are accepted to be the most serious charge a person may face and we understand that if you, or a loved one is facing a murder investigation this will likely be the most stressful experience of your life.

Our team have dealt with many murder and manslaughter cases and we take pride in the service we give people facing this traumatic episode. Murder and manslaughter cases are often very complex and often include a large amount of evidence, such as expert evidence in relation to cause of death and post mortem examinations. Our team will examine all evidence in meticulous detail, and challenge its credibility and admissibility when appropriate.

If you are convicted of murder, you face a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment, with a minimum tariff, often in excess of 20 years. It is therefore crucial to instruct a criminal law solicitor immediately to advise you on your rights and prepare your defence.

Our solicitors have years of experience advising and representing clients faced with murder and manslaughter allegations at the police station, during the police investigation, at the Youth Court, Magistrates Court, Crown Court.

Our Homicide expertise

Our criminal defence team have extensive expertise in Murder cases and can provide advice and representation for all types of offences, including:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Infanticide (or infant homicide)
  • Conspiring or soliciting to commit Murder
  • Attempt murder

Why choose our Murder and manslaughter lawyers

We are ranked in the top tier of criminal firms in London and the UK by Chambers and Partners, who highlight law firms and individuals within the legal profession.

Our team includes duty solicitors qualified in Police Station and Youth Court and Magistrates’ Court Representation, and Higher Rights Advocates, meaning we can provide advice and representation from the outset to conclusion of your matter.

As a firm, we are accredited by the Law Society in Criminal Litigation, recognising our expertise and high level of knowledge across all areas of criminal law.

Funding your case

We believe everyone faced with such a serious offence should be able to have specialist legal advice, as such we offer both private and legal aid funding options.

If you fund your case privately, we ensure clarity about legal fees from the outset.

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