Online Crime

Cyber-crime is an ever expanding area of law. Computers are taking on more and more responsibilities in the world and our lives are increasingly online. From social media to banking, the on-line world is now a necessity in most people’s lives.

The law is constantly catching up to the rapidly evolving technology. Cyber-crime is an umbrella term for Cyber-dependant crimes and Cyber-enabled crimes. This area of law is particularly complex and requires a specialist to ensure your case is meticulously prepared.

Cyber-crime is often highly skilled, involving coding, hacking, disruption of computer functionality, worms, viruses, spyware, Trojans and ransomware. The purpose of some offences is to exploit weaknesses in systems to access information to destroy, amend or hold to ransom. Our team have professional relationships with a forensic experts who specialise in computer and electric devices who can  be instructed to defend your case if required.

Cyber-crime is not always a complex fraud through the ‘dark web’. Often individuals have never been arrested before and are not aware that their actions could constitute a criminal offence. This could involve communications sent via social media, sexting, cyber bullying, harassment and coercion and controlling behaviour.

An increasing area of prosecution is of online sexual offences, such as possession, production or distribution of indecent images of children or extreme pornography. Being accused of such an offence can be particularly traumatic for the individual or their loved ones. If you are accused of a cyber-crime, or sexual cyber-crime offence, we will handle your case with sensitivity and attentiveness regardless of the nature of the offence.

Why instruct our Cyber-Crime solicitors?

As a firm, we are accredited by the Law Society in Criminal Litigation, recognising our expertise and high level of knowledge across all areas of criminal law. We are able to provide advice and representation on cyber-crime, including:

  • Obtaining or disclosing personal data
  • Procuring the disclosure of personal data
  • Selling or offering to sell personal data
  • unauthorised access to computer material
  • unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of further offences
  • unauthorised acts with intent to impair the operation of a computer
  • Unauthorised acts causing, or creating risk of, serious damage
  • making, supplying or obtaining articles for use in offences
  • Economic related cybercrime, including fraud and intellectual property crime
  • Malicious and offensive communications, including cyber bullying, trolling and virtual mobbing
  • Offences that specifically target individuals, including cyber-enabled violence against women and girls, such as disclosing private sexual images without consent
  • Child sexual offences and indecent images of children, including online grooming
  • Extreme pornography, obscene publications and prohibited images

Our team recognise that the minutest detail could be crucial in a cyber-crime prosecution. We are ranked in the top tier of criminal firms in London and the UK by Chambers and Partners, who highlight law firms and individuals within the legal profession.

Our team, including duty solicitors, are qualified in Police Station and Youth Court and Magistrates’ Court Representation, and Higher Rights Advocates, meaning we can provide advice and representation from the outset to conclusion of your matter.

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