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Press Release: Post Office Appeals

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Paul Harris and instructed Counsel, Sam Stein QC of Nexus Chambers are delighted for our clients Scott Darlington, Rubbina Shaheen and Peter Holmes (deceased) represented by his wife Marion Holmes that the Post Office have indicated that they do not oppose their appeals against conviction. 

This follows a belated acceptance by the Post Office of the unreliability of the material generated by the Horizon software and the failure by the Post Office to make proper disclosure. 

We hope that this is the first step to their securing justice and bringing an end to the suffering that they have been caused by these improper prosecutions. 

The reputations of many good and innocent people were destroyed by these cases and we look forward to a Judge led inquiry and investigation into how this was allowed to happen.

More can be read here on BBC NewsSky News and The Guardian

Paul Harris, Senior Partner, of Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson instructed Sam Stein QC of Nexus Chambers.