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Press Release: Alan Stanley Foster

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The Ruling and Appendix can be found here

Today, Mr Justice William Davis ruled there was no case to answer

Mr Foster's sympathy remains with the families of and those who tragically lost their lives on 15th April 1989. 

Such sympathy cannot be extended to the IPCC now IOPC who pursued a man now aged 75 of good character with weak evidence  designed to fit a pre determined narrative . This narrative of an alleged cover up when every document was meticulously preserved and maintained was not borne out by the evidence.

Regrettably Patricia Foster (Alan Foster’s wife of over 50 years) lost her life to motor neurone’s disease and died not knowing the outcome of these proceedings. However, she always knew and this has now been made clear by today’s ruling Alan Foster was entirely innocent. 

He gave 32 years of public service and went on to teach English to prisoners. He remains a man of good character with the utmost integrity. 

This case at the hands of the IOPC has been a shameful waste of public resources at a time when money cannot and should not be wasted.

We respectfully ask that Mr Foster is left in peace for the closing years of his retirement.   

Mr Foster has asked us to thank his whole legal team, in particular Ben Smitten of Counsel and Liam Lane.