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Success at Half Time in Arson with Intent to Endanger Life

Partner, Natalie Berman instructed Jonathan Green of Drystone Chambers.

Our client was accused of deliberately starting a fire over a dispute with a neighbour. The complainant alleged that he had been blocked in his room and that our client had started a fire using lighter fluid. 

Our client, who we have represented since his arrest, provided a full comment interview at the police station, explaining that he did not start any fire, and that it was in fact the complainant who barricaded himself in his own room, and then started the fire. Following the interview, he was subsequently charged with arson with intent to endanger life, and in the alternative, simple arson.

The trial began this week at Snaresbrook Crown Court. At the conclusion of the prosecution case, an application was made pursuant to the test in Galbraith, that no jury properly directed could be sure of our clients guilty. Having heard submissions from both the Crown and the defence the case was withdrawn from the jury. The judge directed that not guilty verdicts on both counts be entered.

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