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Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson once again ranked in the Legal 500

The Legal 500 assesses the strengths of law firms in over 150 jurisdictions and is the client guide to the best law firms. We are delighted that we are once again recommended again for our expertise in crime.

Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson have once again been ranked in the Legal 500, and come highly recommended for our expertise in crime. It is testament to the dedication of all working in the firm and the commitment to providing specialist criminal advice across a wide range of offences, at all stages of the criminal justice system that we are once again considered as one of the best firms in London in this area. We are proud of our continued recognition as a top tier firm in Legal 500. 

We have been cited for our “commitment to publicly funded work, with a strong emphasis on general crime advice provided by its team of specialists”. We have also been “distinguished by its higher court advocacy work”

Natalie Berman was once again ranked as a “Next Generation Partner”  and is “widely praised for her 'compassionate' approach and 'unrivalled dedication to her cases and clients'.

There was also praise and recommendation for individuals by way of testimonials:

Senior Partner, Paul Harris  ‘is an incredibly well respected and experienced criminal litigator. He is hardworking, thorough and gives accurate, realistic advice.’

Managing Partner, Shila Keshvari  ‘has continued to develop a busy and successful practice and maintain her reputation for tactical awareness and 24/7 commitment to her clients. She gains the confidence of her clients in the most trying situations.’ It was further said that ‘Shila Keshvari gave me confidence, support and a belief that she was doing the best for me. I knew her decisions were not taken lightly and that she conferred with other experts for the best results. She is extremely methodical and thorough in her work. She was easily accessible and left nothing to chance.’

Partner, Kirsty Bishop  “is one of the most diligent lawyers I work with. She is constantly working on her cases and always secures the best possible result.’

Partner, Natalie Berman was also recommended by a client saying “[She]… has been amazing throughout my stressful time, she has stood by me throughout and has given me the best possible advice that was in my benefit. She is calm, compassionate and always approachable and addressed all my queries thoroughly, ensuring that I understood and explained everything in depth. She was honest and always looked out for the outcome that would be in my best interest. Natalie got me through what was the most difficult time of my life, I would recommend her 100%.’ It was also said of Natalie that she … ‘is streets ahead of her competitors. Having been a barrister she knows the other side of the coin. Her unrivalled dedication to her cases and clients is nothing short of phenomenal. Natalie is a machine when it comes to her efficiency, she is extremely bright and hardworking and provides a first-class service across the board.’

Senior Consultant and former Senior Partner, Eddie Preston was also recommended as “… probably the most experienced criminal defence solicitor in the country. He remains as dedicated today as he was 40 years ago. A colossus who embodies the ethos of that firm.’

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